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Never too Old

If you have a passion for something or have an interest, you’re never too old to develop expertise. You may have some physical limitations, but you can work around them. Set your goals accordingly.

I have arthritis in most of my joints due to my youthful pursuit of judo, boxing, and aikido from the ages of 7-17. I have a heart condition, glaucoma, and many other age-related conditions. My vision is very poor, I’m just able to pass the vision test at the DMV, however, this does not stop me from pursuing my interests and passions, it just puts limitations on them.

At the age of 54 I decided that I wanted to become competitive in practical shooting. Most competitive shooters start at a young age, it is a young person’s sport. Sooo, I set my goal to win a national level competition in Super Senior (65 and over United States Practical Shooting Association, USPSA). That gave me eleven years (or more) to become the best in my division and age group, and I did. Take a look at my plaques, trophies, and medals (

After I retired I finished my book, How to Become the Best at Anything. It took years of research, writing draft after draft, but I finished. It took persistence, a lot of persistence, to finish the book. A number of times I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. I was motived to finish.

If I can do it, so can you!

A friend of mine just finished his third novel. He is 88 years young. He started writing novels only a few years ago. He has an extensive writing, editing, public relations background, but never wrote a novel. He had to develop expertise in writing a novel. Now, he has finished three! (

If he can do it, so can you!


“A physical and/or age limitation can definitely prevent you from becoming the best, but you can work around them and still achieve very high levels of expertise through creative thinking, hard work, persistence, and passion.

You can choose a goal that is achievable despite your limitations, one that still follows your interest or passion.”

An excerpt from – How to Become the Best at Anything

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  • Barry Zepel

    Well said Glenn. I take everything you write to heart, whether or not I think you wrote it with me in mind. I learn something, or am reminded about a good lesson I’ve previously have known about — from every one of your posts on LinkedIn or Facebook, or your from one of your blog posts.