Practical Shooting

The Grip, the Draw, and the Magazine Change

The grip, the draw, and the magazine change, three of the basics of handgun practical shooting. Here are three of Max Michel’s YouTube videos on the subjects.

Behind The Gun: “Get A Grip!” (Episode 1)

The grip. Arguably the most important part of shooting a firearm. Without the grip, everything else is off. Max gives some great tips to what he’s done to maintain a championship grip on this episode of “Behind The Gun”.

Behind The Gun: “The Draw” (Episode 2)

The draw. Max explains how to quickly get on target with proper grip on this episode of “Behind The Gun”.

“Behind The Gun”: Magazine Changes (Episode 5)

Magazine changes can cause you to win or lose or worse, in the event you’re in an actual live attack. Max goes in deep with his tips on a great mag change on this episode of “Behind The Gun”

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