Development of Expertise

Follow Your Passion

How is your career going? Is it working out well? What are your latest achievements? What goals haven’t been reached? If the answers aren’t satisfactory, it’s time to make some dramatic changes. If your work doesn’t make your heart sing, it’s time to find something that does. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Get going!


“Passion will help you get up and out and practice. Passion will keep you going through adversity… Your passion will be your motivation along your path to becoming the best at whatever you choose.”

“Don’t have a passion, then what are you interested in? Interest and achievement go hand in hand. It is easier to achieve in a domain/area if you have a strong interest or passion.”

“If you have an interest in something, it can grow into something more than an interest. It may grow into a passion as you pursue your interest. Usually an interest is just that, an interest, it will help motivate you to achieve in that particular domain/area up to a point. You might become very good at your interest, although you need to be passionate about something to become the best.”

An excerpt from How To Become The Best at Anything.