What the Book is About

This book is for anyone who wants to get really good at something or even become one of the best at anything. It’s about how to develop expertise in any area or domain: the conditions that have to be met, the steps you have to take, the things you have to do, and what to expect on your path to becoming an expert.

The path it takes to become one of the best is very similar to becoming very good at something. The differences between becoming one of the best and becoming very good at something are:

The goals, 

The amount of time and resources you are willing to put in, 

And what you are willing to give up.

The book covers the importance of passion and interest, talent, limitations, access, goals, plans, coaches, deliberate practice, and persistence, in everyday language. Academic theories are presented in a simplified, generalized form that applies to almost all areas or domains. 

I do use one academic word throughout the book, the word domain. Domain, as used in this book, refers to a specific sphere, area, or knowledge. Some examples are the domain of baseball, the domain of technology, and the domain of math. 

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The Photo Gallery has examples of some of my favorite photographs from my career as a professional photographer include the prize winning photo from the “Adobe Takes Photoshop to the Max” contest.

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The Practical Shooting page contains links to practical shooting organizations, the club I shoot with, some of the top shooters (that also are available for lessons), and a picture of my collection of trophies, plaques, and medals.

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